High School

By volunteering for After-The-Bell you will be positively impacting the lives of middle school students while enriching your own. You will serve as a positive role-model to help After-The-Bell participants learn new skills, try new hobbies, and gain self-confidence.
Volunteering a few hours of your time can not only make a difference in the life of a young person, but also in yours.


Just one to two hours a week for six weeks is all it takes. You can volunteer one, two, or all three days for a total of six hours per week. You must be available to volunteer for the entire 6 week cycle and attend the mandatory After-The-Bell Orientation and Teen Leadership Training offered prior to each cycle.High school Volunteers help the adult volunteer facilitators with the wide variety of activities available in the program. Volunteers may also be assigned administrative tasks to assist wherever needed.

Possible benefits of volunteering include:

  • Gain real life/hands-on experience working with middle school students
  • Develop life skills like leadership, responsibility, problem-solving skills, cooperation and teamwork with adult mentors ready to help you
  • Earn community service hours
  • Build your resume for college and job applications
  • Learn to share your skills and talents with others
  • Develop a greater sense of community and learn how you can make a difference

High School Volunteers love After-The-Bell.

Why I chose to volunteer at After-The-Bell…

  • “It’s great to be back at KMS. It’s an even greater experience to help all the kids here, since I looked up to everyone when I was here.”George, KHS Volunteer/Past Participant
  • “Volunteering at After the Bell was is an amazing experience. The highlight of every week for me this school year was helping and teaching Kennett Middle School students activities that I enjoy myself.” Matt, Unionville High School (UHS) Volunteer
  • “The nostalgia the Middle School gives me is irreplacable. I want middle schoolers to enjoy their middle school experience as much as I did.”Eddie, KHS Volunteer/Past Participant
  • “I chose to volunteer at After-The-Bell because I really enjoyed my time when I was in the program, and I just wanted to give back to After-The-Bell.”Sofia, KHS Volunteer/Past Participant
  • “I used to attend After-The-Bell and remembered how much fun I had in the middle school. Recently I had an idea of my own. I work at Kids First Swim School in Lantana Square, and I was thinking I could volunteer my time to teach a free swim class of basic water skills for those unable to swim.”Austin, KHS Volunteer
  • “After the Bell is a great way to bridge the Unionville-Kennett-Avon Grove communities in addition to a great way of earning service hours.” Harris, UHS Volunteer


KASA Board President, Dr. Rudy Karkosak congratulates the 2014 Scholarship recipients Francesca Crognale and Austin McDonough Fisher for their dedication and leadership in service to After-The-Bell.