You can share your skills and talents to help enrich the lives of middle school students in After-The-Bell. You will serve as a positive community role-model to help the After-The-Bell participants learn new skills, try new hobbies, and strengthen their self-image.


Just one or two hours a week for six weeks can make a difference in the lives of local youth. After-The-Bell offers a wide variety of activities all led by community volunteers. Adult volunteers must complete a Criminal Record Check and PA Child Abuse History Clearance in order to work with the children in the program. After-The-Bell provides the paperwork and covers the cost. You must attend a mandatory After-The-Bell Orientation and Training session prior to volunteering. There are many opportunities to help within the program as desk helpers, snack helpers, program facilitators, program assistants, bus riders, and substitutes. Volunteers may also serve on committees or on the board of directors.

Volunteering a few hours of your time can not only make a difference in the life of a young person, but also in yours.

Possible benefits of volunteering include:

  • Improved physical, mental and social well-being
  • A sense of accomplishment and life satisfaction
  • Opportunities for joy and inspiration by sharing your life experience with young people
  • Emotional rewards from tapping into your altruistic gifts and giving back to your community through service

Volunteers love the program

Why I volunteer at After-The-Bell…

  • “When I was younger, I was very lucky to have a great support group around me to develop me into the person I am today. I volunteer with ATB to ensure that each of the kids in the program has access to the same support group that I did. This will ensure they grow up into healthy productive lives.”Matthew Restaino, Fundraising Committee/Program Volunteer
  • “I volunteer at After-The-Bell because it makes me feel good about myself. I love it. I come out of After-The-Bell with a great feeling!”Carol Davidson, Desk Helper
  • “I volunteer for After-the-Bell because of the wide range of opportunities the program provides to the students. Along with the extensive variety of program offerings, students experience personal growth from being able to make choices about the programs they attend, mastering new skills and interacting with diverse members of the community. These benefits all help to foster students’ independence and self-esteem and make After-The-Bell a unique and amazing program.”Rachel Brunke, Finance Committee
  • “Because I really believe in the mission of After-The-Bell, and I believe it is important to have safe and enriching activities for every child.”Sue Woodward, KASA Board Emeritus member /Program volunteer
  • “I volunteer for After-The-Bell because I think it is such a truly beneficial program. Students may be at After-The-Bell because parents don’t want them home alone after school, or they might be there to have fun and learn a new skill. Whatever the reason, After-The-Bell has proven to be a positive influence on the lives of hundreds (maybe thousands at this point!) of young teens.”Elizabeth Munson, KASA Board Member