Student-imgNothing to do after school? Wish you could go bowling or learn a new craft? Want to do your homework then play soccer or basketball? We have lots of fun, inventive, exciting activities for you to join! After-The-Bell is a program made just for you. It’s a voluntary after-school program for Kennett Middle School students. After-The-Bell provides a safe, supervised place for students to have fun – lots of fun! You can choose from a variety of recreational, social, and academic skill-developing activities. We even provide an after school snack and a bus ride home if you need one.And best of all–it’s all free!
Please note we cannot accept registrations before April 2nd.
  •  Spring 2019 Student Registration Brochures:

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Students love After-The-Bell.

Participants think the After-The-Bell program is important because:

  • “You learn new skills.”Kennedy
  • “You can make new friends at After-The-Bell.”Ashley
  • “Some kids may not be able to do a program outside of school because their parents may not be able to afford it. After-The-Bell is good because it is free”.Rachel
  • “It teaches kids new skills, and you can learn lessons in life.”Marco
  • “It takes away the stress from school”.Katelin
  • “It gives us a chance to meet new people, try new things, and overall have a good time.” – Brad
  • “I get my homework done, and I get to have fun with my friends.”Andrew
  • “After-The-Bell builds understanding and learning.”Britney
  • “It gives kids something productive to do after school so they don’t do bad or unproductive things.“Dessa ‘Rae
If you can’t come on any given day, please be sure to let the ATB staff know by dropping off a note to the ATB office in C106 or Main Office.