The Kennett After-School Association runs one program, After-The-Bell , whose mission is to provide a supervised,after-school program of recreational, social, and academic skill-developing activities for Kennett Middle School students. The program is led by community volunteers and provided without charge.

The Need

After-The-Bell has served as a safe place for students to spend between 2:30pm and 5:00pm, which are the peak hours for juvenile crime and experimentation with adolescent risk behaviors. (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, 2003)

“Students in afterschool programs are less likely to join gangs, be victims or perpetrators of violence, become teen parents,or engage in a host of inappropriate behaviors. Studies have shown that parents are less worried and more productive when students are in afterschool programs, saving companies hundreds of billions of dollars.” Jodi Grant, Executive Director of the Afterschool Alliance (Why Strong Afterschool Programs Matter, Washington Post, December 2011)

Key Program Features

  • Fall, Winter, and Spring cycles
  • Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursday from 2:35 pm to 5:00 pm
  • A wide variety of academic, recreational, social, and cultural activities to meet the varied interests of middle school students
  • Free after-school program provided at no direct cost to the school district or taxpayer
  • Free healthy snack
  • Free transportation home.

The Community Loves the Program

One of the most discouraging things we hear from young people is that there is nothing to do. With programs like After-The-Bell in place we see fewer and fewer young people hanging out on the streets during critical after school hours.I can say without a doubt that the After-The-Bell program has been very positive in our community instilling confidence and morale among our youth.
Edward Zunino, Kennett Square Police Chief

“After-The-Bell provides our students with activities that permit them to collaborate and develop positive relationships with their peers and supervising adults. We have seen children who are part of this program become more engaged in their academic endeavors, and as we study this success we surmise that those associated with After-The-Bell and our school care deeply about them and their paths towards future success.”
Dr. Barry Tomasetti, Kennett Consolidated School District Superintendent