Welcome to After-The-Bell

After-The-Bell is a unique and robust 501(c)(3) after-school program that provides middle school students in the Kennett Consolidated School District with safe, structured, meaningful, and fun activities that promote learning and growth. Since it was founded in 1998, After-the Bell has provided after-school activities to more than 4,500 students at no cost to any student or family, and at no direct cost to taxpayers. This has been made possible due to the generosity and dedication of foundations, local businesses, and community members who have donated both time and financial resources to make a difference in the lives of these children.
Please view our annual report for a complete listing of our supporters.


Key Program Features

  • six-week Cycles offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,
    and Thursdays in the fall, winter,and spring
  • A wide variety of academic, recreational, social,and cultural
    activities to meet the varied interests of middle school students
  • One-on-one homework assistance provided to assist
    students improve their academic performance
  • All services are free to participating students including more than
    50 onsite and offsite activities, healthy snacks, and transportation home

ATB Volunteer Recruitment Article

It’s hard to turn the television or computer on these days without hearing more bad news. Reports about shootings, riots, and acts of terrorism can leave us feeling demoralized and powerless. Most people want to do good things and to make a difference in the world. But sometimes we have no idea where to even begin.
Let me give you an answer to that question: VOLUNTEER! Schools to Watch2

Find a cause, an issue, a group of people that you really care about and donate your time to improve lives.

When After-The-Bell was created in Kennett Square 18 years ago, our Founders, John and Denise Wood, and Marshall Newton, believed that people would step forward and lend their experience, their passion, and their time to keep adolescent children safe and engaged after school. John, Denise and Marshall are no longer with us, but they have left behind a legacy of charity and selflessness that has positively impacted the lives of close to 5,000 children. Read More…


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